Wireless Networks


Megafast Networks wireless technology provides voice, data and video services that enable customers to communicate from multiple locations within Port Harcourt metropolis. Our fixed wireless network utilizes packet on demand and point to multipoint technology, which allows a large number of subscribers to access the internet, maximize bandwidth and decrease hardware costs. Data is transmitted via a single cell structure.To connect the customer to the network, Megafast Networks installs a mast/pole on which is small integrated antenna at each location. This small subscriber unit is aligned to Megafast Networks earth station establishing a wireless communication connection to the broadband network and connectivity to the internet.

This wireless equipment comes with built in industry standard manufacturer data encryption for the security of data transmission. Our wireless options include satellite, RF and Systems that utilize the latest 802.11 technologies which are provided as a cost effective alternative to traditional telecommunications services.

VSAT Services


A VSAT is a small aperture terminal and it is a term that describes an earth station, which is installed on the ground or rooftop to receive communications from the satellite or communicate with other earth stations by transmitting to and receiving information from the satellite. A VSAT is composed of the ODU[outdoor unit] and the IDU[ indoor unit].




Marine VSAT

Marine VSAT

This is a standard Ku-band system, based on an Orbit satellite antenna and the iDirect Infiniti 5100 satellite modem.

The system ensures:

  • Always on Internet access – at a fixed monthly charge, regardless of usage.
  • Voice over IP telephony – Telephony at very favourable rates.

Wth Our VSAT Solution You Will Have Access To:

  • ‘Crew Welfare’ in terms of Internet access/Internet cafe and telephony – each crew member handles his own account. Ship Management can have online access to shore based internal company applications.

With our smart internet based Furuno/Fonet (VoIP Service Provider) solution, the crew is assured a personal and secure overview of their telephony account with the capability of online refill of the account – all done through the internet. The solution enables prioritization between the user groups on board (ship management and the crew).